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A Victorian Murder Mystery

Use modern forensic techniques, decipher riddles and carry out experiments in your classroom to assist PC Long in unravelling a fictional murder, that has has gone unsolved for more than 130 years.

The Story

At 02:17 on Wednesday 16 January 1889, a body was discovered by PC 5774 Daniel Long, who was on foot patrol in Worcester Street in the city centre. The officer saw that the front door of the property had been forced open and went inside to investigate. He found the homeowner, who was a a wealthy gentleman aged about 50, had been killed, in his bed. The man’s gold pocket watch, several silk handkerchiefs and a canteen of fine quality silver cutlery had been stolen.

PC Long was not able to locate any witnesses to this crime. He did gather as much evidence as he could however, which might help you to crack the case.

The People Involved

Click on each image to see the officer and suspects brought to life.

The Officer in the Case
PC 5774 Daniel Long
Suspect 1
Henry Cartwright
Suspect 2
George Wilding
Suspect 3
William Townley
Suspect 4
Benjamin Jameson

The Evidence

A partial right thumbprint. This was found on the handle of the silverware cabinet.

Some small traces of organic matter. Found on the ground in the victim’s bedroom and believed to be from the intruder’s boots.

Trace amounts of an unknown white powder. It was found on the floor in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen.

An apple was found in the dining room of the victim’s house. It had been taken from a fruit bowl on the table by the offender. He took a bite out of it and then threw it on the floor.

PC Long also spoke to one of his confidential informants, a woman known only as Miss Terry. She has sent him some information on each of the suspects, but it is all written in the form of riddles.

The Downloadable Content

Download everything you need to run this session here, including the session plan, suspect profiles and evidence.