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Photography Guidelines Statement

General photography of West Midlands Police Museum by its visitors is permitted.

In order to conduct an organised photoshoot at the Museum you must first have gained permission from the Museum’s management team and agreed, in writing, via email to adhere to the below regulations:

  1. As an educational venue, we need to ensure that all photography projects align with our purpose and brand values. All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and accepted at the discretion of the Museum’s management team. Therefore, we may ask you for information about the purpose, creative approach and audience you are targeting with the shoot.
  2. If you wish to publish your photographs or if there is any commercial gain in your images (including paid for professional photo shoots) you MUST pre-arrange the date and time of the shoot with the Museum’s management team. There may be a charge incurred for photo shoots of this nature.
  3. No pictures are to be taken of children without the Museum gaining written consent from their parents.
  4. No close-up pictures are to be taken of visitors without the Museum gaining their written   consent.
  5. No photography or entry to be taken in staff areas or restricted zones unless agreed with the Museum’s management team beforehand
  6. No disruption to the Museum site or collection items, including the movement of items belonging to the Museum.
  7. No disruption to the Museum’s visitors.
  8. No external rigs including continuous lighting, flashes, backgrounds, battery packs, soft boxes etc.
  9. Any area required for costume changes should be agreed beforehand as an extra charge may be incurred.
  10. You agree to take all reasonable and proper steps to ensure that you do nothing to bring West Midlands Police Museum into disrepute or do anything to prejudice or damage our logo, marks, brand or reputation
  11. Health & Safety must be considered at all times. We may require you to provide a risk assessment in advance of shoots which must be approved by the Museum and adhered to at all times.
  12. We ask that ‘West Midlands Police Museum’ is credited for any photographs taken within its premises

Address: The Lock-up, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6BJ 

Telephone number: 0121 609 1700

All admission and location hire changes support the Museum and help meet the costs of running the venue, so your support is really important. Thank you from all at West Midlands Police Museum.