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Plan an exciting day out filled with policing history for your school

We offer days out for primary and secondary schools to come and discover what it was really like to spend time on both sides of the bars in our one of a kind police museum.

Our experienced museum team will give you a bespoke tour filled with lots of activities for your students to take part in. They’ll be able to investigate and solve crimes in our forensics lab and follow our lock-up mouse trail that’s been designed for our younger detectives.

Primary Schools

A Victorian Villain Hunt

Younger groups can create peg doll ‘cops and robbers’ and then use them as part of a sensory story.

Crime and Punishment

A chance look at some of the history of ‘cops and robbers’.

First, journey through the changes in West Midlands Police uniform over time, complete with dressing up in our uniform collection. After that, is a chance to use some of the images from our prisoner archives. Your pupils will learn about some of the criminals who spent time in our cells in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

A Victorian Murder Mystery

Solve riddles, find fingerprints and compare plant matter under a microscope to solve a mock Victorian murder mystery, using modern skills.

History Detectives

Learn about the history of policing, by using the objects in our schools’ handling collection.

Secondary Schools

The Death Penalty

Your group will be able to learn about and debate capital punishment, using the real life Birmingham story of Ridley and Betts, a murder and legal precedent.

Lock ’em up or hang ’em

Choose to argue a case from a script or to carry out a mock trial of your own design. Your group will be given an opportunity to take part in jury deliberations and decide the fate of the accused.

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