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We want to make your visit as easy as possible 


You can find information about disabled parking on the Birmingham City Council website. There’s limited street parking outside of the museum.  


There are three steps at the main entrance of the museum.  

We have a level access entrance at the side of the building in Coleridge Passage. If you need to use this entrance, then please follow the signs to Coleridge Passage. Please use the intercom at the entrance to get the attention of a member of staff who’ll let you in.

The reception area near the main entrance is fitted with an induction hearing loop.

Wheelchairs and pushchairs 

The landing in the museum vary in width and are quite narrow at certain points. The narrowest part of the landing is 820mm at specific points where there are pipes running down the wall.

Please be mindful of these restrictions when visiting using a wheelchair or pushchair as there is limited access.  

Unfortunately, mobility scooters cannot come into the museum due to restricted space.  


The nature of our historic cell-block means that over its three floors there are open metal grilles across all the landings and stairwells.

We would advise against wearing stiletto heels and would recommend that visitors consider wearing trousers or similar clothing.

Cells are used for displays and their floors are not always level with the landing. The basement floor has a slight slope either side from the cells towards the centre of the floor.

Lift access   

There is a lift which is accessed by the stairwell on the opposite side of the building to the entered through the Coleridge Passage entrance. It’s a platform/enclosed lift and has a maximum capacity of 400kg. The basement and first floor can be accessed by the lift.  

Accessible toilet   

The museum has an accessible toilet which conforms to Part M (building regulations) design and is located on the ground floor near the central stairs.  

Changing Places Toilets 

Our nearest Changing Places Toilets are at Birmingham New Street station or Bull Ring Grand Central.  

Assistance animals  

Assistance animals are welcome in the museum – water and bowls can be provided.  

Noise levels  

The museum has an interactive sound scape on the ground floor.  

If you’re affected by high noise levels, please bring ear defenders for your visit as the museum can be noisy at times.  

We can offer relaxed visits for anyone effected by high noise levels – contact us to find out more and download our photo walk through to prepare for your visit.

Accessing displays and collection 

Some displays may not be suitable for all visitors and they’re mostly in our old Lock-up cells with narrow door frames (average cell doorway is 660mm).

We have an accessible display area at the far end of the first floor, the central doorway is 900mm.

The forensics area in the old basement kitchen is also accessible with doorways of 1020m

There is a QR code on every floor to scan and view a digital tour of the museum and display areas. If you do not have a smart phone we have tablets available to hire to allow you to access this content – please speak to a member of staff.

Staff will be around each floor to answer questions about the displays.  

Access tours   

We offer audio descriptive and British Sign Language (BSL) tours around the museum. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Our staff will be happy to help if you need any advice or support during your visit.