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Black Heritage Walks Network – Walking Tour



Black Heritage Walks Network

Lock, Stock and Barrel – The Police Museum

Join us for an eye-opening and educational experience at Lock, Stock and Barrel – Gun Quarter, organized by Black Heritage Walks Network. This event delves into the fascinating history of Birmingham’s Gun Manufacturing industry and its ties to the transatlantic slave trade. Through a guided tour of the Gun Quarter, you will gain a deeper understanding of this often overlooked aspect of our city’s past.

Led by knowledgeable guides from Black Heritage Walks Network, this event is perfect for those interested in learning more about Birmingham’s rich history or anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the subject. The walking tour will take you through key locations in the Gun Quarter where you will discover how gun manufacturing played a significant role in shaping our city and its connection to the slave trade. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore an important part of Birmingham’s heritage with Lock, Stock and Barrel – Gun Quarter!

Birmingham developed and profited, directly and indirectly, from an economic and industrial system of human degradation and displacement.

This tour will focus on:

The leading Birmingham Industrialists that were commissioned to manufacture guns for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

The actual workshops where these guns were made

The social and economic impact to Birmingham