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West Midlands Police – Roll of Honour

Peter Charles Guthrie 22nd July 1972

Warwickshire and Coventry Constabulary

Shot dead trying to arrest a suspect who had broken into a gun shop - Posthumously awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry - aged 21

Leslie Walter Harrod 8th December 1971

Birmingham City Police

Suffered chest pains while on mobile patrol and died in hospital - aged 46

Anthony Desmond Crowson 22nd October 1969

Birmingham City Police

Fatally injured when his patrol car was involved in a road accident - aged 30

Kerim Harry Blakeman 27th June 1966

Birmingham City Police

Collapsed and died pushing a van which was causing an obstruction - aged 35

James Stanford 20th August 1965

Wolverhampton Borough Police

Fatally stabbed attempting to arrest an absconder armed with a knife - aged 40

Alan Trevor Turner 19th September 1964

Birmingham City Police

Killed in a road traffic accident whilst on motorcycle patrol - aged 27

Alexander Henderson 24th March 1964

Birmingham City Police

Killed in a road traffic accident whilst on motorcycle patrol - aged 21

James Bakes 19th October 1963

Wolverhampton Borough Police

Collapsed and died while on duty - aged 48

Michael John Harris 25th July 1962

Birmingham City Police

After injuring himself whilst on duty on his police pedal cycle a month earlier, PC Harris underwent an operation in conjunction with the injury but subsequently died - aged 21

Leslie Spence 29th March 1962

Birmingham City Police

Whilst carrying out a conference point with a PC on his beat, Sergeant Spence took unwell, struggling to breathe. He died shortly after being transported back to his home address - aged 47

Brian William Wright 23rd February 1961

Birmingham City Police

Left his room in single men’s quarters at Ladywood Police Station to parade for first watch, had a heart attack on the stairs and died - aged 23

Mary Jean Baldwin 26th June 1959

Birmingham City Police

Died from a blood clot as a result of a fall on duty - aged 34

Charles Gillies 30th June 1958

Birmingham City Police

Died of a cerebral haemorrhage after suddenly feeling unwell whilst on duty - aged 30

John Wall 1st May 1957

Birmingham City Police

Whilst travelling home from work, went to investigate a matter on the railway and was knocked over and killed by a train - aged 48

Gordon Richard Neal 22nd September 1956

Birmingham City Police

Crushed by a lorry, which he was assisting to reverse into an alley - aged 21

John Bamford Marley 13th July 1955

Birmingham City Police

Killed in a road accident instructing an advanced driving course - aged 34

Jack Harold Ison 28th September 1954

Birmingham City Police

Became ill and was sent home, dying later that day - aged 49

Charles Alfred Walker 28th January 1951

Birmingham City Police

Collapsed and died whilst carrying out his duties at Acocks Green Police Station - aged 53

George William Davis 21st February 1948

Birmingham City Police

Completed night shift at Stechford Police Station then collapsed onto his front in the rear yard and suffocated - aged 37

Walter Crombie 7th December 1946

Birmingham City Police

Died suddenly after being taken ill on his beat - aged 31

Richard William Edgington 9th November 1946

Birmingham City Police

Collapsed while on duty at Ryton training centre and was removed to hospital where he died of peritonitis due to a perforated duodenal ulcer - aged 24

Henry Basil Dewick 29th July 1944

Birmingham City Police

Had a sudden heart attack on the bus on his way in to work and died - aged 51

Stephen George Cox 25th December 1943

Birmingham City Police

Fatally injured when knocked down by a stolen car, which failed to stop - aged 40

Cyril George Boneham MM BEM 10th January 1943

Coventry City Police

Whilst the balance of his mind was disturbed, he took his own life after receiving news that his wife was dangerously ill - aged 45