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Forensics Fridays




Embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of crime-solving at our Family Forensics Scene Investigation event! Ever wondered how forensic investigators unravel mysteries at crime scenes? Now’s your chance to become a part of the action.

Join us this summer for an immersive forensics workshop where you and your family can delve into the art of collecting evidence and uncover the secrets behind the investigator’s toolkit. From fingerprint analysis to decoding mysteries, this event is designed for all ages, ensuring that every member of your family becomes a junior detective for the day.

This isn’t your ordinary workshop – it’s a hands-on experience that promises excitement and education rolled into one. Work together as a family to crack the case and discover the fascinating processes that real investigators use to solve crimes.

Tickets covers a fifty minute workshop for up to five people. Museum entry is NOT included and needs to be bought separately.

Don’t miss out on the chance to turn your family into a team of amateur sleuths at our Family Forensics Scene Investigation. Get ready for a summer adventure that’s packed with suspense, laughter, and a dash of detective magic.